Residential Roof Cleaning Services

roof cleaning

Roof cleaning is the process to remove dirt, algae and moss from roofs; this process can extend the duration of a roof’s ability to function. Algae and other types of build-up often form on parts of roofs that are shaded, and can reduce a roof’s life expectancy.

If you live in a humid area of the country, you’ve probably seen unsightly dark streaks on asphalt shingle roofs. Though often attributed to an accumulation of dirt, defective shingles, mold, or mildew; the most common culprit is actually a blue-green algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma that is spread by airborne spores.

While algae growth does little harm to roofing, the stains don’t help the overall appearance or resale value of your home. The north side of the home promotes growth quicker due to the moisture which stays there longer.

An environmentally safe shingle cleaner is applied to lift and dissolve all algae, fungus, and dirt. This “green” product will not harm landscapes and plants. A rinse of your roof will remove all contaminants and leave it clean.

A product can be applied to your clean roof to lengthen the life of your shingles and strengthen its integrity.