Log Home Restoration & Preservation

restoration & preservation

Offering more than 75 years of experience, Log Building Maintenance and Restoration’s professionally trained and certified crews offer homeowners the expertise necessary to professionally inspect, repair and maintain log structures. An extensive examination of the interior and exterior of the log structure is performed prior to refurbishing to determine if structural repair is necessary. Log Building Maintenance and Restoration utilizes media blasting technology to remove aged and deteriorated finishes without damage to the home’s compliments and surroundings, followed by the application of environmentally friendly agents to transform and preserve the original wood surface.

Restorations may be as simple as blasting and staining or may be as extensive and complex as log replacement, beam or roof removal or even complete wall adjustments. If you have a structural problem with your log home we have probably seen and resolved it before.

Whether you have been living in your home for years or just started the building process, Log Building Maintenance and Restoration can help you restore or finish your interior. During the building process of a log home or any home it seems that budgets are over run and some things aren’t completed; sometimes sanding and sealing interior walls is forgotten or completely skipped.

Although it may seem like an impossible task to get the look you want, we can help. Log Building Maintenance and Restoration has extensive experience in sanding and sealing the interiors of log homes. Log homes that require interior restoration need specialized care to restore them properly. Let us bring those dull lifeless walls back to life and brighten up your home.