Log Home Chinking


There are many different styles of log homes but not all require chinking. However, there are many dovetail style and larger round log homes that do use chinking as a sealant.

  • Chinking is the final step in sealing this style of home and can be decorative as well as practical in its use.
  • The difference between whether you use chinking or caulking, outside of there chemical makeup, is based on the size of the joint you are sealing and if you are wanting to see the product as part of the esthetics of the home.
  • Caulking is a seal and is meant in most cases to blend in or be hidden when used.
  • Chinking as a seal can help you conserve energy and protect your home from infiltration of air, water and insects.
  • The color of the chinking can determine the look of the home by either being a bright white which will create a big contrast to the logs or a tan that will be a much smaller contrast or many shades in between.
  • Modern latex chinking is very long lasting and low maintenance. When applied properly it can pay off many times over in the comfort, preservation, and resale value of your home.

Log Building Maintenance and Restoration will be happy to help you with your chinking needs, whether it is being done for the first time or because of settling and exposure to the elements.