Wood Decay & Log Replacement


Decay is a natural process for any living matter that is exposed to the elements. Wood is no exception. When a tree is cut down, debarked and left unprotected it starts the decay process. Log homes are commonly sold with a preservative treatment to help protect the logs. However, over time, these preservatives can break down for multiple reasons (UV rays, rain, sleet, snow, bugs etc.).

Most new log home owners don’t realize the maintenance required to keep their log home looking good. Maintenance products will not last more then 3-5 years, so in order to avoid having to replace logs and the expense that goes with it, a proper maintenance schedule is recommended.

Log Building Maintenance and Restoration will inspect your logs to check for decay or rot and to make sure the preservative is still doing its job. In the event, that wood has decayed, Log Building Maintenance and Restoration has the capability to replace logs even in the middle of a wall. In most cases no one can even tell the wood was replaced.